A Proper Soap Solution is Key to Proper Operation of the Fohmer product

Try our all new Fohmer brand Foam Accelerator! Its the best foam accelerator you can buy!.
A half gallon container of Fohmer brand Foam accelerator will foam up 4 gallons of water based cleaning solutions through the Fohmer unit, and up to 6 gallons of water based cleaning solutions through the FohmerToo unit.
Its good stuff, but not required for Fohmer or FohmerToo operation. Other forms of SLS that can be used to create soap solutions include: pressure washer cleaning fluids, dish washing liquids, liquid soaps, high sulfate cleaning fluids, washing machine soaps, etc. If it has SLS in it you can make soap solutions like Fohmer used in the videos by following the recipe instructions below.
Fohmer brand Foam Accelerator is Soldium Lauryl and Sodium Laureth Sulfate, the same active surfactant ingriedients in dishwashing liquid and shampoo. And there are MORE of them in the Fohmer brand solution.

Fohmer Soap Recipes

NOTE: If you are using a water-based cleaning fluid, substitute it for the “water” portion in the recipe.
If you are using dishwashing liquid, shampoo or some other form of SLS in place of Fohmer brand Foam Accelerator, use at the following ratios: 6oz/qt, 11oz/1/2 gallon, and 22oz/gallon.

1 quart of soap solution½ gallon of soap solution1 gallon of soap solution
(Enough soap solution to clean a car or truck)(Enough soap solution to clean a small deck or patio)(Enough soap solution for 1,500 to 2,000 sq. ft.)
4 ounces of Foam Accelerator8 ounces of Foam Accelerator16 ounces of Foam Accelerator
28 ounces of water56 ounces of water112 ounces of water

For additional information on making soap solutions to work with Fohmer products please watch the video below.