Specialty Fohmer Tips


Fohmer’s specialty tips include, the fan tip, the 125 tip, and the 375 tip. Use the fan tip to quickly cover flat surfaces, use the 375 tip to project foam up to 30 feet, use the 125 tip to rinse with a high impact water stream. All tips are inlcuded with the FohmerToo unit and avialable at additional charge for Fohmer.

Fohmer Hose End


Ergonomically perfect, the lightweight and durable handpiece comes with every Fohmer and FohmerToo unit. It is what makes the Fohmer’s easy to operate and fun to use! With the interchangeable tips, the cleaning possibilities are endless!

To see a demonstration of Fohmer system requirements and connection details please watch the short videos below.

Fohmer Operating Manual

Operating Fohmer is easy as 1, 2, 3! For detailed operating instructions view the Operating Manual.

Fohmer Requirements

To evaluate your ability to properly operate the Fohmer pressure washer attachment, your system will need to consist of the following:

While the Fohmer does work with most retail components, it does not work with them all. Please check that your system components are adequately sized to work with the Fohmer product before ordering. If you are unsure, send us an email via the contact page and we will work with you to verify that the Fohmer will work in your system.

If your a contractor planning to use the Fohmer everyday in commercial contracting, we recomend that you pump a premix to it from a chemical soap tank using a small Shurflow or Devlan pump. Email us via the contact page for additional information on the set up and soap concentrations for this method of operation.


All the videos on this website were created using a 2.3 GPM 2,500 PSI pressure washer with a standard chemical siphon fitting, a 1 HP air compressor with its regulator set at 60 PSI, and 75 foot of 3/4” garden hose.